I meant to write this post a while ago, after a recent event in my life that had just happened. But to be honest, I was kind of lacking the inspiration to write it at that time. The fact is that rejection is sort of an ugly term to even describe what it was. But I was turned down from an opportunity that I wanted like crazy. I had worked for it, and to be honest I was an inch away from receiving it as was told to me by the person that gave me the disappointing news. The thing is, the kind of rejection I received was probably the best kind, as I know the woman as a friend, and she went on to say really sweet, kind things about me that I won’t disclose in this post.

Of course, I still allowed myself to be upset about this as one usually does with any form of rejection. Then I came to realize that there will always be people with more experience, more skills than you. But everybody brings something different to the table as well. The aftermath of an event like this is so important. I put it to myself to use it as motivation. If I was motivated before (which I was), I was even more motivated after this. I was more motivated to work harder, volunteer even more, and it took my head, heart and soul to keep my passions and dreams alive.

So I guess I am writing this post now, because I sometimes let myself believe that my strong emotions make myself weak. But those emotions have led me to a place today where a lot of things have been working out for me. I have landed a volunteer internship in an amazing organization. I have been accepted to work with a team to plan a social justice driven convention in the near future. Basically, I kept myself moving forward. Life doesn’t always go your way, but you can always take control of an alternative route. Then maybe sometime in the future, I will return to that original path.

(I know that last part was cheesy but bear with me)


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