A Comfort in the Unknown // Thinking about the year ahead

It is that familiar time of year when I find myself in constant conversation about new years resolutions as well as excitement and grievances over the new year. People are reflecting on the dismays and upbeats of the past year, while also longing for an improved new year, a year that can be better than the last. Over the past several years, I have neglected to set new years resolutions. Instead I try to set goals in the present, in the now. I am more prone to change and challenge when I set goals rather than new years resolutions that most seem to break anyways. The way that I achieve some of these goals (because I am human and do not fully succeed in every goal I set for myself) is maybe not everybody’s definition of achievement. I will work to accomplish where I want to go and what I want to do little at a time. This is determined by setting smaller, more realistic goals. As a result, I have learnt I am more likely to accomplish these goals, leaving me more fulfilled and with more overall joy, granting me more motivation for another goal. While this year managed to bring me difficult, heart wrenching pain, it brought me so much joy and love. I am going into the New Year feeling more refreshed and empowered than I have ever felt. There is light when you open your eyes to life, as I strived to do.

This year has to have been one of my most unique years, reason being, I spent half of it abroad. I did not know how deeply this experience would affect me, and how deeply it would want me craving more opportunities for growth and to feel alive in the present moment. I found myself making deep connections at home and abroad. I have found peace in spending time with nature and myself. I have recognized a deep love of beauty and art even in the smallest things like a smile from a stranger on the bus in Ottawa or the attempt of an injured bird to fly in the streets of Rome. There are so many treasures around, and while I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, these treasures have a way of coming back to me and giving me clarity to appreciate life in a meaningful way.

So this year I have set some goals:

-Do something creative at least 10 minutes a day (writing, colouring, reading, baking, doodling)

-Buy Less food out

-do something spontaneous

-Meditate every other day

-Be more active – swim more, bike more

-eat at least one vegetable and one piece of fruit every day

-Do something fun/makes me happy at least once a week

-Reflect at the end of the week on goals and to dos for the coming week as well as successes from the week that has passed

-put my phone away whenever I sit and enjoy company or conversation with somebody


My mission for this year is to be consistently engaged with these main goals. Everything else that happens within school or work is important to me, but not in the sense of my overall being and identity. I will be graduating from my undergrad this year and shifting between work, jobs and applications. This will always be shifting and changing, so I decided to put my goal priority in things I have complete control and autonomy over. Because life is unpredictable; it is exciting. With these goals in mind, I feel prepared and ready for the year ahead. More importantly, I feel ready to take on challenges and opportunities that come my way with a sense of steadiness and comfort in the unknown.




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